What is our Sliding Scale Policy / Self-Assessment?


André Stith

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Sliding Scale Self-Assessment

Please take a moment to take the self-assessment below as you consider the rate you will pay to participate in the Love City Academy programs. I recognize that our individual experiences regarding financial circumstances are diverse and multifaceted. To aid in this discernment process, I have provided a list of questions to help you reflect on your class, access, and resources.

1. Are your bills or credit cards set up for automatic payments?

2. Do you or your family own a home or land?

3. Do you have little to no debt and/or have disposable income?

4. Have you received education from private institutions or obtained an advanced degree?

5. Have you not faced challenges accessing or affording healthcare or health insurance for yourself or your family?

6. Do you have a safety net in the form of financially stable or affluent family and friends?

7. Have you had the opportunity to attend graduate school, or could you have pursued advanced studies?

8. Are you a U.S. citizen?

9. Does your income solely support yourself and not other dependents or loved ones?

10. Have you received or are you expecting to inherit money or property?

11. Have you had the opportunity to attend college, or could you have pursued higher education?

Based on your answers, here are your suggested rates:

If you answered "yes" to 8 or more questions, your rate is $185 (Pay It Forward)

If you answered "yes" to 6 to 7 questions, your rate is $150 (Actual Cost)

If you answered "yes" to 4 to 5 questions, your rate is $75 (Sustain)

If you answered "yes" to 0 to 3 questions, your rate is $40 (Solidarity)

Reach out to us via live chat if you have any questions for our team.

You are loved and lovable.

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